Directing the creation of films you will never forget.
In the very best cinema

If you want to hold an event on Lake Garda or in Trentino, we are the right people to help you.

We know the local area very well. We live here. We have privileged relationships with or suppliers resulting in financially advantageous conditions for you, dear organiser.

We will support you in the planning, management, organisation and creation of events. Turn around and we’re there.




Event management and organisation

Your event will hold no surprises, or at least, not nasty ones.

Everything will go smoothly because we will take care of everything.

  • hospitality
  • organisational office

Activity planning

We will suggest activities that meet your objectives: fun, educational, demonstrations. And if we’re talking about dinner, we will select both the suppliers and the location taking care of absolutely everything.

  • outdoor activities and team building
  • gala dinners and special dinners

The creation of tailor-made events

We’ll help you to create the memories of tomorrow by designing extraordinary experiences today that will leave their mark.


We create rapport with people and make them feel welcome.


Less work for you, more success for your event.

We will help you with hotel bookings and will provide accommodation selection consultancy to find the best accommodation for you, your situation, the event you aim to create and your budget.

We increase the chance of success for your project by offering a quality service to your participants.

Even the journey to the destination and transfers – be they long or short – become an experience to be enjoyed. All you need is a clear idea and a bit of imagination!

We believe that our local areaboasts a natural vocation for events: we truly hope that participants will enjoy a pleasant experience, even before they get here.

Organisational office

Security and efficiency throughout the entire process.


The organisational office provides total support in the organisation of the event.

Everything that you care about is in safe hands and we’ll handle it with kid gloves, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire organisational process.

Our size (we are neither too big nor too small) enables us to work with the right amount of involvement and attention.

We will make all the important decisions with you and will then translate them into concrete actions. We will take care of everything. Yes, OK. But what is ‘everything?’ Well, for example:

  • Logistical organisation: hotel accommodation, transfer services, rail and air tickets, social programmes.
  • Administration and budget: budget management from the estimate to the final balance, invoicing and administrative management of the event.
  • Scientific secretariat: management of speakers, online service for registration collection, online service for collecting and evaluating scientific works, management of the scientific programme, production and publication of conference proceedings.
  • On site: greeting participants, entry and attendance records, badge printing.

Do you need something else that isn’t here?

This list is by no means exhaustive. Let’s see what you need and do it!

Outdoor activities and experiential activities

Let them have fun, get to know each other and learn.


Enough of the same old things.

Offer your team an out of the ordinary activity and let them take home some useful learning, a happy memory and a moment of sheer enjoyment.

Which would you choose? – a good, but boring teacher, or a good, but lively one? And so would we! Which is why we pay attention to how we reach a given objective. And which is also why we organise training, fun or team building activities outdoors in a less formal setting compared to a Congress Centre or a hotel. These can range from sporting activities to tastings, from a treasure hunt to a theatre workshop or a murder-mystery dinner. Why not? Our local area lends itself and offers numerous options all year round.

Once we have analysed and understood what you need and the results you wish to achieve, as well as your target group and budget, we will present you with or suggestions.

Then, when you have made your choice, we will coordinate everything with our suppliers to make it happen. One of our team members is often present when the activity takes place to coordinate everything.

And then, just as a wedding planner would do, we make sure we’ve got a plan B in case of bad weather, because nobody wants it to rain on your parade!

Dining Events

Sitting at the table, everything is better.


When we organise a dinner on your behalf, we can count on our special relationship with the most desirable locations in our local area, which include economic benefits for you and safety in the knowledge that we’re taking care of the service.

So what kind of meal did you have in mind? Charming, informal, outdoors, creative?

We will examine the offers that best meet your objectives, carry out more than one site visit in the preparatory phase, set up agreements with the location to choose the menu and decorations and sort out the shuttle buses, if needed, to transport your guests to the dinner venue.

With our consultancy, a straightforward dinner can become a special moment where every tiny detail is taken care of, dedicated to rapport-building, leisure and conviviality.

We have every kind of venue at our disposal and thanks to our first hand experience, we can help you to choose the best option for you.

Get ready for the wow effect!

The creation of tailor-made events

Enjoy the show. You can ask us to make any moment extra special.


So you think you’ve already seen everything?

Don’t be in too much of a hurry. Not yet.

Anyone wishing to create a significant event must not only blow people’s minds, but also win over their hearts. Unconventional events take place right here: they offer a new way to express your vision, to be known and recognised.

We want to create exclusive, inspired experiences for you that represent your image, your values and your message.

Creating tailor-made events is one of the things we like doing best. Over and above precision, problem solving and fluidity, they also call for our intuition to work out what is best for you and turn it into an unusual event through our creativity.

In our team, we talk through every project together to obtain the broadest possible scenario and not leave any stone unturned. We are always on the lookout for new ways of doing things that might otherwise appear normal.

The place where they perform wonders is a little further ahead.

And that’s precisely where we will take you.


We work to make other people’s projects and moments great. We enjoy seeing them thrive.


We stand beside our partners – never in front and never behind. We are not merely operational: our aim is to guide and advise, but above all, to grow and to give back value.

We are all women: we have hospitality running through our veins, we are good at solving problems and creating opportunities. Determined, passionate, organised, good at decision-making, listening and multi-tasking and treading the fine line between common sense and creativity. The word ‘impossible’ does not form part of our vocabulary.

Graziella Zucchelli

Technical Director and Incoming Manager

She is our Lady of Evaluations.

She supervises, checks, prepares and takes care of public relations with the local hospitality system and selects suppliers by going through them with a fine tooth comb.

Only the best pass the test.

Synthetic and at times mythical like a heroine of the Odyssey: she eats and drinks precision and concreteness.

Her super power: few words, all action, many epics.

Chiara Biatel

Marketing & Sales Executive

When she runs into a problem, either she runs away or she tackles it head on.

Her DNA rewrites itself every day: she absorbs, she does not stop, she reaches everywhere. Where there are no roads, she builds them.

Indeed, she is one of the first 30 people in Italy to obtain the Meeting and Event Manager Certificate. A true pioneer!

Her super power: she remembers everything. Ask her your shoe size.

Elisa Andreolli

Incoming Specialist

She adores the details that dazzle, believes in team work and will always find a Plan B, even when there doesn’t appear to be one.

Her super power: precision. She’ll find the needle in the haystack.

Ketty Adam

Incoming Specialist

She is there. Before, during and after the event.

She makes the client’s life easy, sweeps away any doubt and accompanies you every step of the way. She understands, she manages, she solves.

Her super power: she responds to stimuli and is capable of generating positivity in any situation.

Silvia Bordignon

Incoming Specialist

She has all the right questions and the best solution for each and every client. Empathetic and scrupulous: she takes care of the headaches leaving the client to enjoy the nice bits.

Her super power: she listens to everything you say and even that which goes unsaid.

Dosolina Mozzi

Dosolina Mozzi

Accounting Manager

She loves nothing more than playing with numbers!

She doesn’t appear to us in a dream, but she does make us dream, because she takes care of ONTHEGO accounting in its entirety.

She provides the certainty that the administrative aspect of events is taken care of with competence and precision.

Her super power: she balances everything. And when we say everything, we do mean everything.


We have a mutual objective.

Come on, let’s not waste time. Let us know how we can help you.